• Rev. Caroline

Time in a bottle

The Stewardship of Time Season at St Andrew’s has drawn to a close. It has been a wonderful month!

The best bits for me were the unexpected blessings that came our way. Let me explain.

The lady (widowed) who found the church open and was able to look at the signatures of herself and her husband in the wedding bible (which goes back to 1950).

Another lady, with no St Andrew’s connection, who got off the bus across the road, saw the church was open, and decided to come and have a look. As a result she came back – to Café Church at the end of the month.

The gentleman who had been brought up in St Andrew’s and was delighted to have the opportunity to catch up with old friends and hear news of others, while his family got the chance to look around the sanctuary.

The prayer tree – because five of my friends were widowed within days of each other, and it was a huge comfort to write their names on one of the leaves.

Café Church – because four very different members of the congregation, of varying ages, each spoke about their use of time, approach to time and so on. This was interesting, and also incredibly moving. We heard stories of intensive periods of study and employment, the pleasure of being in the church simply to help, service with the Samaritans, the skill of fitting everything into the day, the “blessing” of the mobile phone buzzing with a reminder.

The Café service ended with Jim Croce singing “Time in a bottle”. Now that really took me back in time! (Single released in 1972.)

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