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The weather!

Tune into the News this week and it probably won’t be long before you hear about something climate-related: COP26 in Glasgow (United Nations Conference of the Parties on climate change); severe weather – of many different sorts – adversely affecting human beings, other creatures, farmland, built-up areas, forests etc; new initiatives by scientists to combat the effects of climate change; charities and other bodies concerned about climate injustice.

We are in the midst of Creation Time, which runs from 1st September (the first day of the year in the Orthodox Church, which began this initiative in 1989) until 4th October (St Francis’ Day).

This year Churches Together in Britain and Ireland launched “Climate Sunday”, which was celebrated in both our churches on the suggested date of 5th September. A national ecumenical service was held in Glasgow Cathedral, when pledges from around the country were gathered to be presented to Government. Unfortunately there were problems with the livestreaming but it should be available to watch soon; click on this link to find out – Nations' Climate Sunday Service | Climate Sunday

In the meantime, may I offer this prayer.

God our Creator

On this Climate Sunday we thank you

for the variety of our seasons

and we pray for people

in places where the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable

and thus making life precarious

We thank you for hot weather for lovely days in the garden or park

and we pray for people trying to cope with severe heat they’re not used to

We thank you for the joy

of paddling in warm water

and we pray for people

living with the ill effects

of the sea’s rising temperature

We thank you for an unexpected sunny day after a wet one

and we pray for families whose land is parched for lack of rain

We thank you for windy days that dry

our washing on the line

and we pray for communities devastated by hurricanes

We thank you for the rain

that saves us watering our plants

and we pray for the farmers

whose land has flooded

We thank you for the snow

that heralds winter sports and fun

and we pray for people living on the streets and in camps

who have no source of heat

to give them comfort


We talk often of the weather - we complain often of the weather

So let us take a moment now to be grateful for our weather

- that we have not endured the extremes experienced in other parts of the world

And another moment, Lord, to think about our lifestyle:

is there anything we can do to decrease the effects of climate change?

If we are doubtful, remind us of the parable of the mustard seed

- the smallest of seeds, with the potential to shelter the birds

As you care for every sparrow, we pray for all your creatures on earth

that each might find food and shelter, comfort and security

We are a global village and so, with Christians around our land today

we pray for the leaders who will come together for the climate talks

Give them courage, fill them with wisdom and a deep desire for justice

We offer these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ; Amen

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