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The proof is in the pudding

On Day 12 of the Traidcraft Exchange Injustice Advent Calendar the focus was on climate justice. “When it comes to climate action, the proof is in the pudding.” Read more here: Day 12 - The proof is in the pudding — Traidcraft Exchange

So subscribers were asked, for the 12th Day’s action, to send Boris Johnson a Christmas card in the post calling on him to keep the climate promises made at COP26.

This was a reminder that we forget the pledges made in Glasgow at our peril. People are still suffering, as they were before. New climate disasters are being reported, some of them very close to home.

The paper boats we made for Christian Aid, in order to support members of the Young Christian Climate Network, are a poignant way to remember the fragility of life and the potential harm done by storms. Talking about them a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted on a subsequent Sunday to be shown a beautifully decorated boat made at home by one of the children. With her permission, you can see it here – both sides.

This was not at Meadowside St Paul’s or St Andrew’s, but that’s where the “journey towards COP26” began for me, and I have been trying to spread the Christian Aid message about the urgency of doing something to slow down climate change – after all, it affects each one of us. The Injustice Advent Calendar action is a timely reminder that the fight isn’t over just because all the delegates have long since returned home.

I love the tree – and we have been reminded so often lately of the important role played by trees in capturing carbon.

And I love the flowers – they too are useful, but they are also beautiful in themselves, putting me in mind of an old Hindu proverb:

“If you have two loaves of bread, give one to the poor and sell the other and buy hyacinths to feed your soul.”

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