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The Flying Scotsman

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Is it Tim, going between churches between services on a Sunday morning? No, Tim (a Reader, and member of St Andrew’s, with whom I share the conduct of worship) isn’t Scottish.

Is it the famous train, passing through Dundee Rail Station? Sadly, no, it has been in Scotland recently but bypassed the City of Discovery.

The Flying Scotsman in question is a dance, which we did at the Links Ceilidh on Wednesday evening (5th June). Like many Scottish country dances, it’s not too hard to learn, being repetitive, can vary in speed from moderate to fast, and is suitable for all ages. I’m pleased to report that members of the two congregations participating ranged in age from 9 to 90-ish (putting me in mind of a line from the hymn, “We are the Church”: “I count if I am 90, or 9, or just a baby”).

It was a joy to see so many people up on the dance floor, and wonderful just to watch folk smiling and enjoying themselves. We also had an absolutely excellent band of live musicians, playing fiddles, double bass and keyboard, as well as someone calling the dances and with good humour and great patience keeping us right with the steps.

A dance that seemed to be new to everyone is a Dundee dance. Called The Scott Fyffe Circle it resembled The Flying Scotsman in that it was easy to pick up and accessible to all who weren’t too short of energy.

Now, if you were to come and be our minister, you would soon become very familiar with another Scott Fyffe Circle. This is the roundabout (we Dundee dwellers call them circles) which links the Arbroath road with the Kingsway, two major routes through the city, and situated not far at all from the manse, which is in a development of modern houses just off the Arbroath road. (For more information, see my post entitled “Des Res”.) The name Scott Fyffe derives from the adjacent long established car dealership.

So, a wee bit of background for anyone reading this who might give some thought to visiting us and seeing what we linked congregations have to offer. The summer holidays are coming – why not spend a day or two in Dundee?

As well as our award-winning V&A we also have wonderful ice cream and beaches!

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