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Sun and rain - Autumn is here . . .

The Hallowe’en decorations are going up (whether you like it or not). The autumn colours are coming out and the leaves are drifting down. The nights are drawing in and the blinds are coming down and the heating is going on.

Things are moving! Things are moving into the third season of year. Colours are changing. The weather is changing. The proportion of day light to dark night is changing.

That said, here in Dundee we have enjoyed some beautiful sunny weather this week – it was even warm in the sunshine, warm enough for children to enjoy spending their school holidays on the beach and for their parents (or grandparents) to enjoy watching them without feeling chilly.

Who doesn’t like a bit of sunshine in October? I certainly do, but I can’t help asking myself whether we’ve just been lucky or is this a sure sign of global warming?

The Moderator of the General Assembly has recently sent out a letter asking those who lead worship to pray and preach about the climate crisis as the date approaches for the start of COP26 in Glasgow. He also recommended that congregations watch four short films, compiled by various Christian agencies, from Malawi, Honduras, Ethiopia and Zambia.

In the Tearfund film from Honduras, a young man named Norman, following the devastating effects of two hurricanes only a week or so apart, describes how the rain now makes him feel afraid. Something he would never have imagined before, for scripture speaks of rain as a blessing.

Consider these words from the prophet Hosea (chapter 4, verse 3):

“Let us humble ourselves, let us strive to know the Lord, whose justice dawns like morning light, and its dawning is as sure as the sunrise. It will come to us like a shower, like spring rains that water the earth.”

What appropriate words to ponder as we pray for the world’s leaders and nations’ delegates at the forthcoming UN conference on the climate.

Watch the film here: Glasgow CT COP26 films - Honduras on Vimeo

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