• Rev. Caroline

"Stately as a galleon": The Big Launch

Sunday 31st October 2021:

joint Communion service at St Andrew's and first day of COP26 in Glasgow

Our climate justice boat,

Seas The Day

sets out on her journey


Meadowside St Paul's

to St Andrew's

It's raining hard

but there was no mention

of postponing to another day.

To quote the motto of YCCN

(Young Christian Climate Network):

Rise to the Moment

Getting there ...

And it's still raining.

And we're getting wetter.

But we won't give up.

We're nearly there!

We've reached the Wellgate.

There's the clock on the steeple of St Andrew's.

And that's a wyvern on top, in case you didn't know.

The "cartie" (trolley) is holding up well.

So is the boat.

Safe harbour! Also a dry one. Though our polar bear is quite wet.

Our paper boats have been placed inside as an act of worship. They carry our pledges and prayers with regard to climate justice.

In this act we join with Christians, people of other faiths and people of no faith all around the world.

Thank you to everyone in the churches who contributed to making this "mad idea" a reality. Or was it actually all inspired by the Holy Spirit?

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