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St Andrew's Day

Saturday 30th November 2019 – St Andrew’s Day


As usual on a Saturday, the Hall is open for teas and coffees. Members and non members alike meet together. The sanctuary is open too, for any who wish to enjoy its peace and beauty – this initiative arose out of the Stewardship of Time Season in August, when it was clear that people appreciated the open doors.

Today there is a special display, thanks to Stella and the flower ladies.

The organist plays Scottish music and as 11.00 approaches around 30 people gather for a service to celebrate our Patron Saint.


The Hall buzzes in the afternoon with all the activity of the Christmas Fair. People can opt for homemade carrot and coriander soup and stovies instead of, or as well as, a cuppa and mince pie.

Around 3.30 a few members of the Nominating Committee gather outside in the garden – to pick up litter, hang up saltire bunting and fairy lights, and put up a tent (actually the Scout leaders see to the tent).

At 4.00 a lone piper begins to play, accompanied by a lone drummer. They are brothers, still at school, who began learning their instruments when much younger, in the Boys’ Brigade.

The music draws people out of the warmth of the Hall and soon there is an appreciative audience.

Then it’s time for the children’s activities. They rush around excitedly, torches in hand, looking for the 50 foil-covered chocolate fish which Margaret has hidden. Some get saltires painted on their faces; others draw saltires on the pavement with coloured chalk. We congregate in the tent to hear the story of St Andrew and then Margaret (another one – Meadowside St Paul’s has several Margarets who are all actively involved) gets the children involved in a fishing game while others light sparklers and a pre-Advent candle to bring our St Andrew’s Day Advent Adventure to a close.

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