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Scottish City of Renaissance

Well, it’s official. Dundee is the place to visit. Described as the “Scottish Renaissance City”, Conde Nast Traveller has placed the city that was once synonymous with jam, jute and journalism as one of the top ten places in Britain for a city break.

Interestingly I have this on good authority from a couple who live in a prosperous part of Buckinghamshire and visited Dundee just recently for a few days’ holiday. They stayed in one of the new hotels, dined in some of the new restaurants and, of course, visited the V&A.

There are of course various other attractions: RRS (Royal Research Ship) Discovery is berthed opposite the V&A, and it’s not far from there to the Frigate Unicorn. We have botanic gardens, a museum, a new swimming pool, parks, a wildlife centre, beaches, cinemas and a host of other things. Come during Doors Open Weekend and there is even more to see and do.

V&A with the Caird Hall (popular concert venue) in the background

And let’s not forget the churches – all denominations, from the national to the independent, meeting for worship and service in ancient buildings, modern buildings, even non-church buildings. You would be spoilt for choice!

One of the advantages, as I see it, of being in the city centre is that ecumenical links are easier to make for we are in close proximity geographically. We have been meeting for joint bible study during Lent and are about to embark on joint Holy Week services with Dundee Congregational Church. I look forward to these links becoming stronger, both with the Congregational Church and with others.

The days of “you in your small corner and I in mine” in the sense of “you keep out of my corner and I’ll keep out of yours” are a thing of the past. Rather like Dundee’s jute industry.

But renaissance, reform, redesign – these are always possible. These are the things of the present, and the future.

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