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Rise to the Moment

Rise to the Moment – in other words, the time to act is now. As long-time supporters of Christian Aid, our two congregations are getting behind the young people (Young Christian Climate Network) who are currently engaged on a relay from Cornwall (where the G7 met in June) to Glasgow, where COP26 is to be held at the beginning of November.

YCCN is itself being supported by Christian Aid. You can read more on either website: Relay Home | YCCN or Climate Prayer Chain - Christian Aid

We are being asked to combine our spiritual life with a very practical action: pray, and make a paper boat. Instructions on how to build your boat are on the Christian Aid website – it may be something you last did as a child. If you’re anything like me, you can’t actually remember how to do it without referring to the step by step guide (there’s also a Youtube video).

As in many things, practice makes perfect. With my Christian Aid Co-ordinator’s hat on, I’ve asked our folks to make a boat and bring it, complete with prayer for COP26/climate justice, to the joint service in St Andrew’s on 31st October. This is the day of our Big Launch, when Communion will also be celebrated.

I’ve decided to help by making some spare boats, to be handed out on the day. To date I’ve made 32! Each has a little message and/or illustration with plenty of space for individual prayers.

Three of these boats are about to be posted to the London office of Christian Aid.

They will be added to the growing number, from all over the country, which will be taken to Glasgow for a special installation at COP26.

There is a boat for each church plus my personal one.

Back in Dundee we will have our own installation, with all the paper boats being placed, during worship, in a model boat being decorated by our young people – a boat which was made by young people who are now adults, so a perfect example of re-using and re-cycling.

More to follow on all this in later posts …

But, please, Rise to the Moment. Pray for the leaders and delegates to attend COP26.

To quote Kathleen Jamie, the Makar, from the poem which she wrote for and performed at the recent opening ceremony for the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament: may all in positions of leadership be kind, and stay strong.

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