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PPE - Post Pentecost Entertainment

I know that the children in the Sunday Club at Meadowside St Paul’s are finding things to keep them occupied during the lockdown, but I had this idea that I could send them something to celebrate Pentecost and I managed to find a few things in my “stock” that would fit the bill, taking as the starting point such things as the breath of God, the wind of the Spirit, the tongues of flame and the fact that Pentecost marks the birthday of the Church.

I’m posting it now not by Royal Mail but on the internet, in case you know of any children you could pass on the ideas to. Obviously there is room for improvisation depending on what you have available.

So here's what was in my Pentecost parcel:

a balloon – because it needs your breath to blow it up, and it’s a party thing

a straw and a lentil – see how far you can blow it, imagine the strong wind of the Spirit

a birthday candle – for the flames of Pentecost, and also the Church’s birthday

a windmill – useless without wind, just like Christians are useless without the Spirit

a party blower – you can work that one out for yourself now you’ve got the idea

a packet of lovehearts – read the story and see how many loveheart messages you can find


(you can find it in the New Testament, in the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 2)

On the day of Pentecost, all Jesus’ followers were together. “We have to stay cool,” said one of them, even though he was a bit scared without Jesus.

“Friends for ever,” said another one.

Suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing - it filled the house.

Then they saw what looked like flames which spread out and touched each one of them. “Will you look at that?” they exclaimed in surprise.

Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other languages – it was the Spirit that made this possible!

There were Jews living in Jerusalem, religious people who had come from every country in the world. And when they heard the noise, a large crowd gathered.

They were all excited, because each one of them heard the believers speaking in his or her own language.

In amazement and wonder they exclaimed, These people who are talking like this are from Galilee! How is it, then, that you and I hear them saying “Hello” and speaking in our very own languages?

We are from countries all over the world, but all of us can understand what they are saying about the great things that God has done!”

Amazed and confused, they kept asking each other, “What does this mean?”

But others made fun of the disciples, saying “These people have been drinking!”

Then Peter stood up with his friends and in a loud voice began to speak to the crowd. He told them that all this was a sign of the true love of God for everyone.“And his son Jesus,” he went on, “is my hero. And he can be yours too. All yours. For ever.”

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