• Rev. Caroline

Poppies - a blossom of red

This is not the first season of Remembrance which has featured ingenious displays of poppies painstakingly created and put together, but it is the first time that I have been involved. This was thanks mainly to the young people of St Andrew’s (the Seekers, our teenage group, and the Girls’ Brigade) who, with their leaders, created a veil (or vale) of poppies measuring approximately two feet wide by four feet long. After a few weeks of being an indoor under-construction sight in the halls, it was carefully carried out to the Terrace and installed, below the cross, where it can be clearly seen from the main street.

Besides this impressive display, 103 wooden crosses were made, one for each of the 103 men from the congregation who gave their lives in one or other of the two World Wars.

On Sunday 4th November, after the main church service, most of the congregation assembled outside for a special act of dedication and remembrance.

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