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Picture a prayer

At this year’s General Assembly, which has just finished, the opening prayers were accompanied by images, some of them showing Orkney, which is home to the Moderator. So, taking a leaf out of his book, here are some photos from Dundee, which is home to our two churches.

The Caird Hall (from the rear), St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, shops and offices in the city centre: thank you, Lord, for the reopening of business and retail premises, the opportunity to worship in person in a beloved sanctuary, the possibility of musical entertainment, permission for larger groups to gather outside.

Broughty Ferry beach: how good it is, Lord, to experience a wide open space, listen to the sea, feel the sand under our feet, be entertained by a dog’s antics.

The Terrace at St Andrew’s Church: we praise you, Lord, for warmer weather, and for the hard work of gardeners whose efforts bring pleasure to us all.

The garden at Meadowside St Paul’s: how lovely it is, Lord, that in the heart of the city centre there are oases of calm, where we might stop and be still and listen for your voice.

The Caird Hall (front) and City Square: some of us have been here for concerts, conferences, or on Council business and, in recent times, for our all-important Covid-19 “jags”.And so we give you our heartfelt thanks, Lord, for the many different people, from many different walks of life, who have made it possible for us to be vaccinated.Following the example of the Faith Impact Forum, we pray that the poorest people in our world will also be given their “jags” to keep them safe and preserve life.

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