• Rev. Caroline

Not in the same boat

“We’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” As far as I know, this was said by former Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, when he addressed members of the YCCN (Young Christian Climate Network) at the outset of their relay from Cornwall (where the G7 leaders met in June) to Glasgow (where COP26 will be held in November).

The fact that the hull of the model boat being transported through England and Scotland is a wicker coffin conveys a powerful message about the severity of the climate crisis. Human beings, animals, birds and other living creatures have already perished because of, for instance, drought, flood, loss of a food source, loss of a habitat.

Christians, people of other faiths and people of no faith have united in their call to halt the pace of climate change and its devastating effects; it’s not often that happens, is it?

(photo taken in Truro Cathedral)

Do you get seasick?

Or would you love to pack your suitcase today and set off on a cruise?

Maybe sailing or rowing is your favourite pastime.

Do you find the prospect of a voyage on the open sea a little frightening?

Or maybe you depend on a ferry (or ferries) for your living.

What do you feel when refugees are rescued from flimsy boats that are far from seaworthy?

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