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Messy and Fun!

Are you the kind of person who’s good at arts and crafts? You can draw a straight line, stick something on a bit of paper without any creases, colour in without going over the lines, produce something which you don’t mind showing off to other people?

I am most certainly not! I can still remember the acerbic comments of one of my secondary school teachers when the label I stuck on the inside cover of a new text book was both squint and lumpy. I don’t seem to have improved one bit.

However that means that MESSY CHURCH is the perfect place for me. Because it’s okay to be less than perfect, to get messy, to end up with something that is nothing like what’s in your mind’s eye. It’s all about the taking part.

And that’s exactly what people did at the first Saturday of Messy Church at St Andrew’s on 21st October. They had a go. They had fun. Working together broke down barriers.

The theme was ‘Creation’ and the task was to make various things which are mentioned in the Genesis story, including fish and light, and to plant a seed.

At each table there was a different craft. At each table there were busy fingers.

Of course human beings were part of that story, and here is my attempt.

This is an eco-friendly person, for I made a point of using all the little scraps of felt that might otherwise have been thrown away.

Tim later told the story of creation, helped by a number of different balloons, and what was lovely is that adults and children alike shouted out the answers to his questions.

Then it was time for pizza and cake for lunch. Then home.

I hope everyone will come back for the next Messy Church, on 17th November.

What made it really special for me was that a family with two boys from Meadowside St Paul’s accepted my invitation to come along – because that’s how it should be, the two congregations in the linkage working – and having fun – together.

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