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Knock, knock, who's there?

It’s the postie!

Your doorbell rings, or you hear knocking at your door. What an unusual occurrence these days!

You think back to former times, when a friend might drop in unexpectedly for a cuppa, or your grandchildren stormed in after a hard day at school, or someone in the family came home from work (as opposed to coming down the stairs from the bedroom where their computer is).

These days, you might still have regular visitors in the form of a district nurse or home carer. If you’ve been unlucky, you might be waiting for the arrival of an emergency plumber or electrician, or a doctor.

But the doorbell, and that once familiar sound of a knock on the door – they are almost consigned to history!

With one important exception – the postie! The woman or man in red, driving a van in a matching colour, or carrying a big bag stuffed full of envelopes.

Okay, they might have brought a bill, but just imagine instead that they’ve brought a card or a letter, or something you ordered that you’d forgotten about, or for that matter something you’ve been waiting for expectantly.

The postie! Loved by generations of children as Postman Pat. Now a sung hero. A key worker. These days not only risking the bite of an aggressive dog but also the curse of coronavirus. And all so that we can be on the receiving end of other people’s thoughts (amongst other things, admittedly).

If you see your postie, tell him or her about this “post” on Caroline’s blog. It might make their day brighter. After all, we all like to be appreciated.

In the early days of the Church, the apostle Paul relied on posties. Not the official sort, but fellow Christians whom he trusted to take his epistles to their intended recipients.

He wrote to the Philippians from prison, so a personal delivery service was out of the question. Here is how he concludes his letter:

“Greetings to each one of God’s people who belong to Christ Jesus. The brothers and sisters here with me send you their greetings. All God’s people here send greetings, especially those who belong to the Emperor’s palace. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”

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