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Kiltwalk for Christian Aid

Mention a sponsored walk and my mind immediately goes to a picture of super-fit people, all wearing the correct gear, striding along purposefully, regardless of the weather or terrain.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, does it?

Well, no, it doesn’t!

One advantage of the restrictions on travel is that, like many people, I’ve attended more virtual events than I would have managed in person.

Starting with the Christian Aid Annual Gathering, through Fairtrade Fortnight, the World Day of Prayer and the first of a series of joint webinars between Christian Aid and the Faith Impact Forum of the Church of Scotland, I have become more aware of the effects of climate change on different people around the world including, for example, Ethiopian and Palestinian farmers.

Climate change is a hot topic right now. Faith groups and non-faith groups alike are gearing up in various ways for COP26 (the 26th United Nations Conference Of the Parties on Climate Change) in Glasgow from 1st to 10th November 2021. As was said at the Christian Aid Gathering, COP26 provides a huge opportunity for campaigners to speak truth to justice. You may wish to sign the petition: Climate Justice Petition 2021 - Christian Aid

It’s all too easy to become depressed about the state of the world, and tempting to think that we as individuals can’t do anything about it. If that’s you, then take heart from something said by a Welsh Youth Climate Ambassador who was a member of the panel discussing “Climate Change for a Fairer World” (organised by Swansea Fair Trade Forum during Fairtrade Fortnight). She reminded us not to underestimate our power as individual consumers – take a moment to think about what that means for you. Shopping local? Charity shops? Banking?

Back to the sponsored walk. If you simply enjoy a stroll, which doesn’t require hiking gear, in the company of a few friends, then please sign up to join the Virtual Kiltwalk for Christian Aid: some of us from our two congregations are going to walk around the boundaries of our parishes (it could be a journey of discovery, in the City of Discovery, on more than one level).

You must undertake your Kiltwalk during the weekend of 23rd-25th April and register online through Christian Aid by following this link: Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend - Christian Aid This takes you to the JustGiving website where you have to register if you haven’t already, and make sure you nominate Christian Aid as your chosen charity. The next important thing to do is to find sponsors and remember, if a friend or relative will pledge just £1, that will equate to £1.50 for Christian Aid.

As of 16th April, up to 6 people from 6 different households can meet together outside, which means we can walk in groups of up to 6; you don’t have to wear a kilt but, if you feel more comfortable, you may wear a face covering.If you need to be linked up with a group, or need more people in your proposed group, please email Each group should make their own arrangements regarding date, start time and meeting place (the route will be circular).

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