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In the wee boxes

If I were to ask you to name one good thing that has come out of the lockdown, you might be hard-pressed to come up with an answer.

So here’s one from me.

Anita has introduced Coffee Time by Zoom after the Sunday morning service (online at 11.00 am: Meadowside St Paul's l/w St Andrew's Online Worship – Online services from our linked charges (

Well, as you may know, lots of ministers have done the same. What makes it a “good thing” in our case is that it is enabling members of Meadowside St Paul’s and members of St Andrew’s to chat together and to get to know one another.

If we were worshipping in our respective church buildings, coffee time would also be separate, except for those special Sundays and other occasions when there is a united service.

I know that some people are weary of online meetings, whether using Zoom or some other platform, and this also goes for children and young people involved in home learning.

But our Coffee Time surely doesn’t come into that category, for it’s for fun and fellowship. Bring your coffee or tea, or even your mug of soup.

If you’d like to join us some Sunday, email and you will be sent the link.

Coffee Time starts round about 11.45 am, just after the service of worship.

Who knows what strides might be made on our shared path?

· exploring interests we have in common

· talking about ways we can grow together

· becoming stronger in our witness because we are two – “Two are better than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, there is someone to help them up.” (Ecclesiastes chapter 4, verse 9)

· uniting in the prayer that God will show us the way for our future ministry in the city centre.

I look forward to seeing more faces in what I heard someone called the “wee boxes” or, as we say in Dundee, “boxies”!

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