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House to House

Updated: May 14, 2020

Climbing steps. Opening gates – and remembering to close them again. Appreciating the flower beds. Stepping over toys. Squeezing past cars. Fearing barking dogs. Scaring sunbathing cats. Tripping over stones. Avoiding puddles.

And waiting. Waiting with patience. Admiring the garden – or not! Listening to the birds singing – maybe even watching them at a safely distant feeder.

Waiting until the door is opened. Until “some spare change” is found. Or the already filled envelope is found. Until a parent comes to the door and takes charge.

Sometimes a bit of conversation. With a fellow Christian. Children playing outside. Someone you recognise but you didn’t know lived there. A dog, though it’s non-verbal where the dog is concerned!

Occasionally a pointblank refusal to give – well, fair enough, we’ve all got our favourite charities. We can’t give to them all. If we’re lucky, though, no-one is rude.

Denial that an envelope was ever delivered – and you just smile and offer another one from your bag of spares.

Not for the first time you explain that Christian Aid doesn’t just help Christians, though it is supported by many of the different denominations in the UK.

Its roots go back to 1945, when it was founded to help refugees at the end of the 2nd World War.

And the best bits?

Someone has already filled in the Gift Aid declaration. Someone lends you an umbrella because you’re getting soaked. Someone invites you in for a moment. Someone takes out their wallet and hands you a £20 note and isn’t bothered about witnessing you put it in a spare envelope and sealing it down.

The joys and challenges of Christian Aid Week – when people like us slog round their local area on the house to house collection. Not this year, of course.

Not this year when those who are already on the poverty line abroad face the challenge of Covid-19 on top of all their other problems.

So I invite you to visit the Christian Aid website and give.

Give a little.

Or give a lot.

Just GIVE.

For your gift, like mine,

will make a difference for good.

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