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Hooked nose?

A couple of months ago I went over to Glenrothes: St Columba’s for a training day for Interim Moderators which was led by the Rev. George Whyte, Principal Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Rather late in the day, you may be thinking, if you know from this blog that I started work at the two churches last July! I had to miss an earlier date and I’m a great believer in better late than never, notwithstanding the course came highly recommended by colleagues who had attended.

The section which proved most useful was that on parish profiles. We divided into pairs to consider a few examples: none of them was perfect but in each we found examples of good practice and not so good.

It’s a jolly hard thing, writing a parish profile. There is so much to say … we don’t want to leave anything out … but we don’t want it to be so long that prospective applicants won’t read right through to the end … what’s the right balance between facts and aspirations … how much should we spell out with regard to the kind of person we’re looking for …

And then there are photos. We’ve got such a talented photographer in the congregation … but perhaps casual “snaps” are more realistic than posed pictures … do we really look that old? we’re young at heart, enthusiastic, energetic, honest! …

When we talk about a profile, we usually mean a side-on view of ourselves. That might reveal a double chin, a big belly, a receding hairline, a hooked nose. That’s not the picture we want to show to the world. But if it’s how we actually look …

And yet, what of the stuff that goes on in our mind and heart? What about the commitment we have to the Lord and to our congregation and parish? What about the ideas we’ve got for mission? Our willingness to accept change? Our desire to support our new minister? Our ability to listen, compromise, cooperate … These things can’t be shown in our profile. They exist nevertheless. And they are more important to us than how we look.

So, in our parish profile, maybe the same goes. Maybe we don’t appear to be the top model, most attractive of charges, but we’ve got lots going on internally that you can’t actually see just from looking at us.

So why not come and meet us?

We’d love to meet you!

Get in touch …

… with Gayle, Clerk to our Nominating Committee

07904 565370 or


… with me

01382 770198 or

And we are in the process of updating our profile … as we have new things to report, especially in terms of joint events between the two congregations.

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