• Rev. Caroline


Scene 1

Looking after the sheep. Nothing much happening. A routine day.

Scene 2

Looking at a bush on fire. Nothing at all burning up. An extraordinary day.

Scene 3

Witnessing a miracle. Hearing God’s voice. Responding by removing his sandals.

Moses, minding his father-in-law’s flock, minding his own business, making his way from ordinary pasture to the mountain of the Lord, paving the way from ordinary pastimes to ministry for the Lord.

You can read the biblical account of the burning bush in chapter 3 of Exodus.

If we were trying to get our heads around holiness, then this encounter of Moses with the Lord would be a good place to start because of these various elements;

· we come across holiness in the midst of ordinariness

· it stops us short, draws us in, fills us with wonder

· we find God at its heart – through one or more of our senses, or a definite but inexplicable feeling,

perhaps of peace or hope

· we experience a strong desire to respond to it

Perhaps it’s worth considering this alongside the prospect of returning to services of worship in church.

For those churches which are planning to open soon, what they will be permitted to offer is not what most churchgoers are accustomed to. There will be no singing, for instance, and you might not be able to sit where you prefer to sit, there won’t be any refreshments served after the service and the familiar space through which you pass will be covered with signs either guiding you to or prohibiting you from certain areas.

Why would you go then?

Would it be because you consider the church to be the house of God? And it is there that you find it easiest to encounter him? To shut out the world? To pray?

Why would you stay away, even though you would ordinarily be there every Sunday?

Would it be because you like to look for God in the ordinary, anywhere, at any time?

Thanksgiving and praise

we give to you, our God

Father, Son and Spirit

for we can neither contain you

nor limit you

You meet us wherever we are

whether we are looking for you or not, expecting you or not


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