• Rev. Caroline

Holiday snaps (7): Feed your soul

There is an old Hindu proverb that goes like this:

“If you have two loaves of bread, give one to the poor and sell the other and buy hyacinths to feed your soul.”

You may not agree with the thought behind this saying, especially if you are at this very moment feeling hungry, but it is a reminder of the beauty, wonder and variety gifted to us by God through his creating.

Indeed one of the positive effects of the lockdown has been that human beings have discovered, or rediscovered, simple things such as how lovely it is to go for a walk in the park instead of commuting to work.

Also, some animals, birds, fish and insects have flourished due to a lack of human activity in their particular environment.

Sorry, no hyacinths, but here are some more pictures from Ontario to “feed your soul”.

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