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Holiday snaps (6): The secret fish

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Think "holidays" and you might think “beach”: sand, shells, pebbles, sea, building castles, digging moats, “burying” granddad.

The beach is a marvellous place in which we can let our imaginations go and, if we are adults, revert to childhood and just play.

There is a wide flat expanse just waiting to be explored and enjoyed (this particular one is at Portmahomack).

One other common pastime is to collect things to take home,

whether that be naturally occurring items like shells, washed-up stuff you might find useful like a piece of rope or, for the ecologically conscientious, plastic bottles and the like.

Imagine the labour of love that went into transporting all the shells needed for this

eye-catching mosaic

(photographed on the Isle of Skye)

not to mention actually creating it, bit by bit.

The fish used to be a secret sign denoting Christianity. The New Testament Greek word for “fish” is “ichthus”, each letter denoting an aspect of our Lord, namely:

I = Jesus

ch = Christ

th = God’s

u = Son

s = Saviour

Nowadays it’s not a secret as such but probably only those with a Christian connection will recognise the fish symbol as something more than a decoration on the back of a car.

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