• Rev. Caroline

Holiday snaps (4): Peace

I have never been to Siloam but when I stayed at the Scots Hotel in Tiberias and saw this pool in the gardens, it was as I imagined “cool Siloam’s shady rill” should be (number 688 in CH4; words by Reginald Heber).

Obviously I could be completely mistaken but it’s true, isn’t it, that our own particular ideas of images found in hymns come unbidden to our minds? And they’re not always easily shaken and/or changed by the reality.

Perhaps one reason for the popularity of the 23rd Psalm (“The Lord’s my Shepherd”) is that it evokes so many pictures that could easily be Scottish, as opposed to belonging to the Middle East.

This familiarity brings us further comfort.

(Sheep grazing on the Isle of Iona)

(Still waters - Ballater)

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