• Rev. Caroline

Holiday snaps (2): Service

One of the treats when we’re on holiday may be to eat out or go for a drink somewhere, perhaps with a view to sampling the local delicacies.

What can enhance this experience is when we are made to feel welcome and the service on offer combines a perfect balance of friendliness with efficiency. Perhaps we might try out a few phrases in the local language, or reminisce about the last time we were here.

Five star service isn’t confined to five star establishments. As Christians we have the perfect example of service to others in the words and actions of Jesus. His washing of the disciples’ feet is probably one of the best known instances of our Lord taking on the role of a servant.

It can be human nature to long for a place at the top table or the offer of the top job or to be of a more senior rank, but Jesus tells us that that’s not his way. “In the world,” he says, “kings lord it over their subjects; and those in authority are called their country’s ‘benefactors’. Not so with you; on the contrary, the highest among you must bear himself like the youngest, the chief of you like a servant.”

Service with a smile – we know how that makes us feel. We can enable others to feel the same through the way we treat them.

Something else that might make us smile.

Any trip to the seaside town of Largs, Ayrshire ought to include a visit to Nardini’s for an icecream, perhaps even their signature knickerbocker glory.

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