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Egg mayonnaise, anyone?

In the last couple of weeks or so I’ve eaten some very nice sandwiches, in the company of people from Meadowside St Paul’s.

The first occasion was at the Birkhill Inn (actually in Angus, outwith the city) rounding off the Sunshine Drive. And yes, there was sunshine, plus a drive around some of our lovely countryside (it doesn’t take long to leave the city behind) for some of our members who are not able to get out and about as they used to. This is an annual event organised by the Caring Committee, and it was lovely to see old friends greeting one another as they arrived.

The second occasion was in the heart of the city, in the café of the McManus, Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum, and those present were members and friends of the Guild, on their annual summer outing. Once again, some lovely sandwiches (and cakes!).

What was particularly lovely, though, was the fellowship, and two particular highlights for me were my chats with two of the ladies present. One of them, who is not in the best of health, had not been well enough to go on the Sunshine Drive, so it was really lovely that she had managed this second outing. The other is someone I’ve got to know on a Sunday – she brings her grandsons to the Sunday School – but it was good to have the chance to speak at more length. Over the year I feel I’ve got to know the boys a little bit and I’ve gone from mixing up their names to seeing that each has his own distinctive character.

Sandwiches. I wonder how many are made and eaten in church halls over a year. We have certainly had them in St Andrew’s too, for instance at Café Church when it was held over lunchtime. The Girls’ Brigade are well known for the excellent and generous standard of their hospitality.

Sandwiches. Consider too the variety. From the good old favourites that don’t go wrong – ham and mustard, cheese and pickle, egg mayonnaise. To hummus, mozzarella and tomato, smoked salmon … A recent tragedy which was in the news provided a stark reminder that for some individuals, exactly what is in a sandwich is a life or death matter.

Sandwiches are standard fare at Induction socials.

What kind should we prepare for you? Gluten-free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Or would you rather go straight to the homebaked cakes?

We hope to upload our updated parish profile – now a unified document – very soon. We’d love you to read it and see how we’ve progressed, and come and visit us.

Sandwiches optional!

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