• Rev. Caroline

Easter peace

5.00 am. My alarm goes off. I get up straight away. It’s Easter morning and the birds are already singing although it is still dark. I try to imagine the women hurrying to the tomb with their spices.

I have no such burden to carry or onerous duty to perform. Once ready, I drive into the centre of Dundee. Not surprisingly, there is very little traffic on the roads, but there are however a surprising number of cars in the carpark behind Meadowside St Paul’s; I am puzzled about this (where are their owners?) until it is pointed out to me that they are probably guests at one of the new hotels nearby, Sleeperz or Malmaison.

I make my way over to the V&A (just a few minutes’ walk from Meadowside St Paul’s) where we have arranged to hold a service at 6.00 am. It is a truly beautiful morning and the water is exceptionally calm. We spend some time just looking.

How blessed we are to be enjoying such peace; it seems all the more precious when we think of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka, mourning their dead on this most holy day of the year.

As we worship, the sun continues to rise.

We do not hurry to leave, even though a breakfast of hot bacon and sausage rolls in the church halls is our next stop. It’s not cold or wet or windy, so we have less incentive – unlike, say the regulars, other Easter mornings when they were chilled to the bone on the Tay Bridge.

Today we are truly blessed.

Thanks be to God.

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