• Rev. Caroline

Do they know?

With Covid-19 making it impossible to worship together in Church, there has been an explosion of online offerings from all around the country. When before could we experience so many different styles of worship and take ourselves into such a variety of worship spaces?

Not everyone of course has access to the internet and for them especially, services broadcast on the radio and television are a Godsend. Perhaps you have tuned into Reflections at the Quay on BBC1 Scotland?

Unlike Songs of Praise which is at least partly recorded in a church (or churches) the “Reflections” programmes take worshippers into the modern facilities of BBC1 Scotland at Pacific Quay, Glasgow. There is a wall of glass behind the guest speakers, so that those watching can see out to the Quay and beyond.

As the service unfolds, it’s not unusual to see passers-by out by the river: a cyclist, jogger, walker, an adult pushing a child in a buggy.

Do they know what’s going on behind that wall of glass? That the Word of God is being read? Interpreted? Applied to life today? That those inside, together with those watching all around the country, are praying – perhaps for individuals or families in their very situation?

Do they know?

Do they know that God loves them, that Jesus died and rose again to save them, that the Holy Spirit is present among them?

Today, on the 4th day of Thy Kingdom Come, people around the world are praying for five friends – that they might come to answer “yes!” to that question.

The apostle Paul put it like this when writing to the Ephesians: “I pray that he will give light to the eyes of your heart, so that you will understand the hope to which he has called you, what rich glories there are in the inheritance he has promised his people.” (chapter 1, verse 18)

TV ads, posters, children’s drawings – all are urging us to “Keep Safe”.

Let’s also KEEP FAITH in spite of the current restrictions and risks of daily life.

The day will come when we will once again be free to look at a display like this with great excitement and anticipation!

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