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Day of Action

Saturday 6th November, the Day of Action for Climate Justice. A group of us (humans plus our manse dog) met together in the afternoon for a leisurely walk that would take in each of the churches in the City Centre Grouping, starting from St David’s High, then to Coldside, Stobswell, Trinity, St Andrew’s, Meadowside St Paul’s and concluding at the Steeple.

Most walked the whole way, while others joined us for part of the route. (Some had broken into a run to catch us up!)

Our first official photo

taken at Coldside

We were delighted that some people from outwith the City Centre Grouping also joined us, and there was a lot of criss-crossing as we walked variously in different twosomes and small groups.

As you can see we also stopped for rests, usually to make sure we didn't leave a church earlier than the time stated in our schedule.

Our minister Anita welcomed us into St Andrew’s, where there was an opportunity to place paper prayer boats in the hull of our climate justice boat, Seas The Day.

At Meadowside St Paul’s we paused in the garden, listening for a full minute to the activity around us.

Although we could hear traffic, what was more beautiful was the sound of the wind

rustling through the trees, as well as the sight of autumn-hued leaves drifting to the ground.

Our walk drew to a close at the Steeple, with an act of worship, celebrating creation in scripture and song as well as praying for climate justice. We were fortunate to be joined at the Steeple by two musicians (playing recorder and guitar) who accompanied our singing. The weather remained mild and the traffic wasn’t loud enough to be intrusive, though we were disappointed that it was too windy to light our tealights. Hot drinks in the hall, kindly provided by members of the Steeple, brought our Day of Action to a close.

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