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Could you help me help Christian Aid?

This blog is the nearest I get to social media. Having taken the plunge and signed up for the Kiltwalk (for Christian Aid) I have managed to create my own page on the JustGiving website. At the time of writing this, it is sadly empty, but if you’re reading this, perhaps you could rectify that.

You’ve probably been asked to sponsor someone before now – and remember the pressure of not wanting to look mean (everyone else has pledged £10 and you were thinking £5) so here’s the thing. Please could you spare £2? £2 exactly (the minimum amount accepted by JustGiving) which the philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter, through his Foundation, will increase to £3.

Why Christian Aid? Well, I began my ministry just a month or so before Christian Aid celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1995. The congregation was blessed with two enthusiastic and committed ladies who kept Christian Aid in our sights all year round – it would have been hard to resist them, and I’ve been a supporter ever since.

Now retired from full-time ministry, and the brand new Christian Aid Co-ordinator for both congregations, I thought I should practise what I preach from the start. The idea is to walk around the boundaries of our two parishes in Dundee City Centre – along with others from the congregations (in accordance with the Government’s Covid regulations, of course).

Should you be sufficiently moved by this plea, here’s the link to my JustGiving Page: Caroline (

Thanks for your time (and cash?).


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