• Rev. Caroline

Clear your head. Fill your senses.

This evening’s Scottish news (10th June) has reported that over half of our young people are suffering from some form of stress: feelings of loneliness and worry over the future provision of education and training are all too common. The reality of missing friends, nights out and the routine of school or employment are combining to make some of our young folk feel extremely fragile.

Of course older people are not immune to the anxieties induced by the threat of the coronavirus and the restrictions of the lockdown. Even normally phlegmatic individuals may not be feeling as calm as normal.

One place to look for help is a website called “clear your head”:

I had a look at the ideas suggested for “feeling calmer”. Under the section “Focus on the moment and breathe deeply”, I found this:

“Try to focus on being in the moment and noticing what is around you. Maybe it’s some beautiful flowers or the sounds of the birds. Doing this could help you refocus and find gratitude in other things.”

There is nothing new in this – Jesus got there first (from Matthew chapter 6, verses 26-29):

“Look at the birds;

they do not sow seeds,

gather a harvest and put it in barns;

yet your Father in heaven takes care of them!

“Look at how the wild flowers grow;

they do not work

or make clothes for themselves.

But I tell you that not even King Solomon

with all his wealth

had clothes as beautiful

as one of these flowers.”

Our Lord continues: “So do not worry about tomorrow …”

Good advice, albeit easier said than done.

So keep clearing your head – by filling your senses with things of beauty.


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