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Christmas - Valentines - next?

You know when you really look forward to something and it doesn’t work out as planned? That’s what happened to me on Christmas Eve.

The trees in each church were lovely.

The people assembled. In Meadowside St Paul’s we welcomed a family home from China for the celebrations (one of the older generation had been baptised in the church) and at St Andrew’s visiting family members were also present, though not from quite so far away.

The carols were sung, complete with jingle bells at the earlier service.

The expectant silence was observed as midnight approached.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? What didn’t sound good was my voice, which was in danger of disappearing altogether. Not for me any lusty carolling.

But it was good to be part of things, because I have grown very fond of this extended family. And I have missed them over the past couple of months while I’ve been recuperating.

Willie Strachan has just assumed the role of Interim Moderator in my place but I hope to be back leading worship, offering pastoral support, organising opportunities for fellowship and generally being part of congregational life from the 1st of March.

I’m intending to become a member of Meadowside St Paul’s – if that’s not a recommendation from a (somewhat reluctantly) outgoing Interim Moderator, then I don’t know what is. And St Andrew’s? well, with family already involved there, I will be too.

And doesn’t God move in mysterious ways? With my being out of action, an elder from each congregation stepped in to work with the Toothy Tigers from University of Dundee School of Dentistry so that we could repeat – and expand – last year’s inaugural Valentines Smiles event. Once again the congregations responded generously to the appeal for toothbrushes and toothpaste, which were given away freely to anyone who called in at Meadowside St Paul’s on 14th February.

What will happen next?

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