• Rev. Caroline

Christmas every day?

“I wish it could be Christmas every day” – so begins the old (1973!) hit by the band Wizzard. Children singing, bands playing, bells ringing, Santa Claus and snow (the Christmas card picturesque sort, not blocked roads or slippy pavements) – what’s not to like?

I found myself thinking about this after Christmas. I wasn’t longing for any of the above (I don’t like any sort of snow) but I realised that the “Christmas spirit” had disappeared from the shops, buses and streets – from places where people (who don’t know one another) tend to congregate.

No more helping strangers choose gifts for teenage granddaughters. No more cheery greetings. No more exchanging details of Christmas plans. Not even any complaining about the in-laws coming to stay.

It was all back to normal.

After Christmas - the lights are out

But would we want it to be Christmas every day?

May I suggest that actually we wouldn’t. We are a people accustomed to seasons – not only changing weather patterns and the clothing to suit, but also the seasons of the Christian year. And each of the latter has its own particular appeal (maybe I’ll say more about that closer to Lent) – something we’d miss if we were trapped in a perpetual Christmas.

One thing I didn’t mention earlier is that we get more people coming to Church at Christmas – how great is that? It’s part and parcel of the tradition in many families, even when church going on a regular basis is not.

We who are Christians may shake our heads over the commercialisation of Christmas, but the peace and goodwill element, as evidenced in the everyday congress mentioned above, together with a good old carol sing, is not so far from what the angels told the shepherds about.

But it’s all over now until next December and, meanwhile, in the shops, the sales are on, so as to make room for the coming seasons – Valentine’s Day, “Pancake” Day and Easter.

Bargains for Christmas 2019 - but do we feel like buying them now?

The New Year celebrations are well past, the resolutions may be broken, the bills are coming home to roost, but I hope you still have some dreams for this coming year.

As for us, in Meadowside St Paul’s and St Andrew’s, we are hoping that 2019 will see us welcome and induct (maybe also ordain) a new minister.

Could that be you? Our offer to show you round our churches and parishes, as well as taking you to the V&A, still stands. Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a date.

We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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