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Boot on the other foot?

Dundee, City of Discovery, is administered by Dundee City Council, the local authority. Dundee Presbytery, on the other hand, not only covers the churches within the city limits but extends outwards to take in parts of Angus and also Perth & Kinross, so that we are to some extent a mixed presbytery with (sub)urban and (semi)rural parishes.

After a couple of years leading worship in, and walking between, Meadowside St Paul’s and St Andrew’s, it was quite a contrast to drive some 16 miles out into the Perthshire countryside to Abernyte Church. I slowed down to let a farmer back his trailer into a field, where his dog had already started working with the sheep, and waved to a woman out jogging, her pony alongside her.

Once inside the church, the familiar routines got underway: first of all, the hand sanitising, then such things as checking microphones, speaking to the organist, last-minute intimations etc. Everyone with their job to do.

In our Presbytery, and throughout the Church of Scotland, we are being urged to look beyond traditional parish boundaries and co-operate with other congregations, putting mission at the top of our agenda. The physical distance between our two churches in the city centre and Abernyte in the Carse provided a visible reminder of what this could mean.

Pushing the boundaries?

Going out of our comfort zone?


But let’s be clear about one thing – we have a lot more in common than hand sanitising at the door. We might just have to do a bit of exploring to find out what it is.

Jesus said, “I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fulness.”

(John’s Gospel chapter 10, verse 10)



(linked with Inchture & Kinnaird linked with Longforgan)

has just become vacant –

might that be of interest to you?

(I was intrigued by this solitary boot, on a post roughly opposite the church.)

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