• Rev. Caroline

Be still? Or go explore?

I opened the door of the classroom, not knowing quite what to expect. This was at Barnhill Primary in Broughty Ferry, and I was there because the chaplain, parish minister Alisa, had extended the invitation to come and reflect to members of Dundee Presbytery.

The main lights were out but the room was filled with pockets of light of all colours. This had, in my case at least, a dual effect. My first instinct was simply to sit down on the nearest chair and take in my surroundings, bit by bit. The second was to get up and find out what each area had to offer. So, on the one hand, “be still” and on the other, “go explore”.

When the scheduled class arrived, Alisa gave a brief introduction (it was their second visit to the Reflective Space so not much explanation was needed) after which I noticed that some of the children were also torn between “being still” and “going to explore”. Overall, the latter instinct was dominant. It was just too inviting to do otherwise!

There were many opportunities to write things down and attach them to the “main frame” – prayers, wishes, hopes, dreams, thoughts. People could be remembered, or places, or circumstances. There was a great deal of flexibility, and you didn’t have to go to all of the different areas.

The small tent was a particular magnet – maybe something to do with our liking to occupy a space which is just the right size for “me and my best friend”; of a feeling of security, being sheltered.

Fizzy forgiveness was also popular – act out your grudges dissolving away by dropping a wee tablet into a carafe of water, and watch it disappear.

Or reflect on your uniqueness: made in God’s image, as each of us is, and yet no two of us is the same. Prove it by putting a finger on the ink pad and placing the resulting inky print on the board.

Small things – big messages.

In our so-called 24/7 society we all need time to stop and reflect. The Reflective Space invited you to do just that. It was easy to forget the other things you had to do that day.

All of this is useful as we begin to plan our response to the invitation of the Moderator, the Right Revd Susan Brown, to engage with Thy Kingdom Come between 30th May and 9th June. How can we help people to pray?

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