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Awesome Twosome

Last night a group of people (elders and non-elders) from both congregations came together for a meal in sleeperz hotel, next to Dundee rail station. This was one of the two new city centre hotels which we used for our We are the Church gatherings earlier this year (both have meeting rooms which provided a change of scene from church halls).

At the gatherings, our purpose was serious: discussing various topics covered in the Church of Scotland Learn: Eldership publication, namely the Bible, Care & Prayer, the Kirk Session, and Discipleship.

Last night by contrast was entirely social: an opportunity to get to know one another better, for if we are to work together as a linked charge, then we need to know one another. The potential for new friendships is unlimited!

Conversations around the table ranged around many topics, including the V&A, holidays and hotels, places to eat in Dundee, places we’d lived outside of Dundee, families and home life.

The service was good, the food was delicious, the company most enjoyable. A recipe for future gatherings.

Which brings me to the title of this post – AWESOME TWOSOME.

I have borrowed it from Boris Johnson. Well, his exact phrase was “awesome foursome” referring to the four nations of the UK, in a speech he made this morning (12th June).

Awesome Twosome.

That’s how I see these linked congregations – each has potential to grow, individually and together. They complement each other. As I approach the end of my first year as Interim Moderator, I can say honestly and with a smile on my face that I have enjoyed working with the Awesome Twosome. I’ve made lots of new friends, learned more about Dundee, including navigating around it, and relished the different opportunities available in a city centre charge (my own congregations were suburban and semi-rural).

Highlights include meeting and worshipping with clergy and lay people from other denominations, working with students from the University of Dundee Dental School, Café Church, and the various activities outwith a Sunday which have brought me into contact with children and young people - Messy Church, the Girls’ Brigade, the High School of Dundee, and Scouts & Cubs.

I would like to spend some time getting to know the “new Scots” who come to the Connections Café (a joint enterprise between the Awesome Twosome and the Steeple Church), having only managed one visit so far and that was last summer.

But perhaps you will get in touch to apply for the post of the Awesome Twosome’s minister and there won’t be an opportunity for me to do that, at least not as Interim Moderator.

Will I be disappointed? I’ll get over it!!

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