• Rev. Caroline

An interesting Autumn walk

Our two congregations, with others in the City Centre Grouping, are planning to take part in the Day of Action on 6th November.

This is the day when people all over the world will be out on their streets, walking, marching, praying etc.

Or perhaps simply standing in silence, listening to the sounds of nature and the sounds of life around them.

All of us - of all faiths or none - in support of the urgent need to take action on the climate crisis.

In our different ways we will be praying that the world's leaders will listen to those who are suffering the most devastating effects of the changing climate.

I hope that these different ways will come together to form a pattern - a pattern of human need which we can no longer ignore.

Our idea is to do a walk which takes in each of the churches, concluding in the heart of the city at Meadowside St Paul’s, where we will place our prayer boats in the model boat (now named Seas The Day) and then at the Steeple, where we will hold an act of worship.

To get an idea of the time it would take, Margaret and I walked the walk earlier this week. These pictures show some of the things which took our attention. A tiger in Dundee - who knew??

This clock was at the right time when we passed. The whole thing took about an hour and a quarter. The sun was shining. the Autumn colours were glorious. Thanks be to God.

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