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A new angle?

Sunday 20th June, 10.00 am: our minister Anita begins the service in Meadowside St Paul’s.

While Anita must make her way to St Andrew’s for 11.15 am, the rest of us can linger outside in the sunshine, catching up on one another’s news.

A few of us stand on the pavement bordering the garden. Last week the young people planted sunflower seeds – we look forward to watching their progress.

There are already many other flowers in bloom and I discover that some are wild flowers, planted in a nod to “Meadowside” – a meadow in the centre of the city. It’s good to get a different angle on things.

At St Andrew’s there is a larger garden, with direct access from the sanctuary – which makes it easier to serve tea and coffee on the Terrace after worship. Almost like old times in the St Andrew’s Hall, weather permitting. There are no tables but a good few benches for those who prefer to sit down.

Having an hour or so between the services gives me a perfect opportunity to wander around the city centre and see what’s going on. The organ music from St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral drifts out and down the steps to the street, for the doors to the sanctuary are open. The doors of another church are closed: apparently one of their members recently contracted Covid. Down a side street is a coffee shop with balloons etc. outside – a new venture; good luck to them, I like their optimism.

Approaching St Andrew’s, I automatically look up Kirk Wynd to check there are no cars coming from or going into the Wellgate Centre carpark. There aren’t, which is possibly the reason my attention is drawn to a beautiful rose bush whose pink blooms are hanging over the fence from the church garden. So I get closer to take a photo, and nearly jump out of my skin when someone loudly throws some rubbish into the enormous recycling bins that serve the shopping centre.

So here is the spire, with the wyvern atop, from a different angle than the usual, plus of course the roses which caught my attention in the first place.

Going back down to King Street in order to go up the Terrace, I see the urn is already in place and the Church Officer is setting things up for the teas and coffees, but there is still time for me to take a few more photos, notably this one featuring a purple “waterfall” enhancing the Garden of Remembrance.

I enjoyed this time simply to look around me. Seeing things from a different perspective.

Is there always something beautiful to be found? A new perspective waiting to be discovered? A different way of looking at things which is worth exploring further?

A new angle?

These are questions it would be good to keep to the forefront of our mind as we try to discern the right way forward for our linked charge in the light of decisions taken at the General Assembly last month and the Presbytery of Dundee last night.

I will leave these questions for all of us to ponder over the summer and return to writing this blog in a few weeks' time.

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