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A match made in heaven

No, this isn’t a romcom. I am sure it will turn out to be a story with a happy ending – it has certainly had a happy beginning!

Boy meets girl. Or boy meets boy. Or girl’s eyes lock with girl’s across a crowded bar.

No, none of the above. This match made in heaven concerns Dundee Congregational Church and their new minister.

Along with members of Meadowside St Paul’s, I accepted the invitation to the induction of the Revd Alan Livingstone which took place last Thursday evening (18th October).

In any church, the arrival of a new minister is always something to celebrate. There’s an excitement in the air, the singing is always wonderful, and, after the formality of the service in the sanctuary, there are usually tables set out in the hall groaning with delicious savouries and home-baked goodies to be enjoyed. Dundee Congregational Church was no exception to any of these aspects.

The format was similar but not identical to that used in the Church of Scotland. Alan had already begun his ministry – now that’s totally different from our way of doing things. But how lovely for him, and his congregation, that they already knew one another. Their mutual fondness was apparent.

Questions regarding his commitment to the Lord and to serving in the Church were in some cases the same as are used in the C of S. What was different – and very interesting to those of us from outwith the congregation – was to hear a report on how they had come to call their new minister and, in reply, Alan’s story of how he came to apply and accept. That the front door was locked on his arrival at the church for interview did not deter him! Yes, there was humour sprinkled among the seriousness of the occasion.

What I shall remember most from the evening is the strong sense that here was the right minister in the right congregation. Truly a match made in heaven.

It was perhaps that sense of the divine at work that made one of the Meadowside St Paul’s members say, somewhat wistfully, ‘I kind of wished it had been our turn to induct our new minister.’

We all feel that in some degree.

Is it you we’re waiting for?

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