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Maybe short for Rosemary, or maybe not. Is she ever called Rosie, I wonder.

Who am I talking about?

Actually a woman I don’t know and will never meet, but whose face is familiar to me, as is one aspect of her daily life. Or perhaps I should rename that “daily grind”.

Last night’s TV news featured a new piece of research which suggests that, to prolong our life, we should walk for 12 minutes for each hour that we spend sitting. In other words, walking for fitness’ sake.

But imagine what it must be like for Rose – and countless other women in many different countries – whose walking is not simply beneficial to life but essential. Rose has to walk every day in order to collect water for herself and her grandchildren. I wonder whether, as she plods along, she remembers when she was their age, when there was plenty of rain that fell according to the seasons and provided enough water for people, animals and plants. Nowadays in Kenya, rain falls in great torrents or not at all, both of these being life-threatening in different ways.

It was Christian Aid who brought Rose to my attention, making her a “weel kent” face. They say that £50 would be enough to buy cement to build an earth dam, where precious rain water could be stored securely for a non-rainy day.

Back here in Dundee, signs of the restrictions easing are all over the city – walk past a pub or café and you will probably hear the buzz of lots of conversations going on at once. We have so much to catch up on with our friends and family, and it’s so good to do it face to face.

Perhaps you’re planning to go out for coffee and cake with a friend. The likely bill in any local café would more than pay for a bag of cement – not very appetising, obviously, but a lifeline to small rural communities as it would help them build that life-saving earth dam. Nine bags of cement and they’d have enough to get the job done. No more long daily walks for this determined but undernourished gran (and others in the same predicament).

Just because Christian Aid Week is finished, let’s not forget

about Rose

and her grandchildren.

May her garden grow!

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