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The summer is traditionally a time for holidays and in the Church the pace of life slows a wee bit (usually) so that even without a change of scene there might be a change of routine and a lesser sense of urgency.

I’ve just returned from two weeks away and am gradually catching up with what has been happening in the two churches. It’s always good to know that, even in the minister’s or Interim Moderator’s absence, things continue as normal but also that others have decided on a change of routine during the weeks of summer.

Unusually (in my experience) both congregations continue to welcome the children and young people throughout the school holidays and there is always a programme ready for them on a Sunday morning.

On 14th July, the Seekers and younger children from St Andrew’s decided on a day out to visit the Oor Wullies close to the church (a day OOT as Wullie would put it).

It would take a lot longer to do the whole of the Oor Wullie Big Bucket Trail, as these fabulous works of art are not located exclusively in Dundee, Wullie’s place of birth. In fact, of the 200 sculptures, 36 are in Dundee, another 36 are in Aberdeen, 10 in Inverness, 58 in Glasgow and 60 in Edinburgh.

Perhaps you have visited a few yourself, either at home or on your own summer holiday.

If you decide to see those in Wullie’s home city, and would like to meet a few members of our Nominating Committee while you’re here, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our parish profile is currently being updated, to tell you about the various joint events and initiatives that are now underway, but the best way to find out about our congregations and parishes would be to come and see …

I was surprised to be able to take this particular photo without queuing for the opportunity. This is in City Square, the location of some of our Dundee City Council offices, including the Registrar’s, and also the Caird Hall, venue for concerts, graduations, conferences and other big events. It lies between St Andrew’s and Meadowside St Paul’s and is used for such things as Farmers’ Markets, performance arts and charities outreach.

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